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Add Alma/Rocky Linux 9 + cPanel to Server Images

Happily using your service for a few years. The only thing I'm worried about is that you only offer dead OS (Cent OS 7) for clients who use cPanel. Cent OS 7 active support ended more than 3 years ago ( ) and current versions of cPanel don't even support it -

In other words, your clients are forced to use dead OS + outdated version of cPanel. I realize it's possible to manually convert Cent OS 7 to AlmaLinux, but what about new servers? For example, I want to place order for another Linux VPS, but you don't offer any option so start with modern OS (Alma/Rocky Linux 9) + cPanel. And I think you will agree that placing new order and then installing dead OS (just to manually convert it to another OS later) is the worst possible option?

To sum it up, I personally know you provide great service, but I really believe forcing your clients to stick with dead versions of operating system + control panel hurts your reputation and drives new clients away.

If there are any news and dates about Alma/Rocky Linux 9, please kindly share them. Thank you!


  • IevazIevaz Administrator


    sorry for taking so long to answer your question.

    Now we do not offer OS template with pre-installed cPanel due to the reason that CentOS 7 is reaching EOS in summer.

    That's why we have prepared the guide for the manual cPanel installation guide:

    We do not have any news for the future for providing any OS templates for cPanel; however, if you have any recommendations, please let us know!

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