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Let's encrypt Renew License

mjflintmjflint Member
edited April 2019 in General Discussions
Hello Community,

I originally set up a Let's ecnrypt certificate by referencing the following tutorial:

This worked really well and I was able to have a working DirectAdmin panel with Let's encrypt SSL.  Today my original 90 day certificate has expired.  

I planned on executing the following commands on my Centos 6 VPS with DirectAdmin

cd /usr/local/directadmin/scripts
./ request 4096

After executing the listed commands above with SSH I receive the following:

[root@vps scripts]# ./ request 4096
Setting up certificate for a hostname:
Getting challenge for from acme-server...
Waiting for domain verification...
Challenge is valid.
Getting challenge for from acme-server...
Error: is not reachable. Aborting the script.
dig output for
Please make sure /.well-known alias is setup in WWW server.

It seems that I have to make sure that the alias is setup in WWW server.  I searched for information and followed the support guide on DirectAdmin's support forum:

I was able to successfully execute the acme challenge test and view the 'text' message in my web browser Chrome.  

I would like to know if anyone is experiencing similar problems while working within the Centos 6 and Direct Admin environment.  I also have noticed that this 'alias error' is currently affecting the automatic license update of DirectAdmin.  Now I have to manually update it before it expires a the end of the scheduled thirty day period.  

I thank all of you for time and assistance.

Best regards,



  • mjflintmjflint Member
    edited June 2017
    Hello Community,

    After searching out more information and receiving ideas from other administrators I was guided to the importance of checking the following file on my server:


    I was told that there were bad url references and this was causing the error.  Therefore, I deleted all bad url reference and left my hostname domain as the only reference.  After executing the script above to  renew the license everything worked flawlessly and I now have a secure SSL environment within DirectAdmin.  I hope this information serves for anyone else that might run into this situation.  

    Best regards,

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