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Why This account IP restrictions don't allow to login from your IP

I would like to purchase two acount VPS - M newserver
This account IP restrictions do not allow to login from your IP
I get an indication
I also sent my identity card
I also entered credit card information.
What can I do to proceed?
This system has no meaning at all ...


  • ValentineValentine Administrator
    we have removed restriction for your account and now you should be able to log in to our client area and pay the invoice.
  • This account IP restrictions don't allow to login from your IP
    Account Verification Required

    It does not change ...

  • ValentineValentine Administrator
    We have removed IP black-list for third IP you've used. Please try again now.
  • Thanks !!!!
  • I have purchase  four VPS  in much monthly, 
    When I try logon today ,got a message " This account IP restrictions don't allow to login from your IP".   
    Maybe last time , my credit card ( for payment ) have change a new number. 
    please unblock my account, let me fill a new card number.

  • GiedriusGiedrius Moderator
    edited April 2019
    Hey minfon,

    we have checked the IP address you last used for the Community, but we could not have found any entries to our system with it. Could you perhaps open a ticket or write us an email "[email protected]" (so the ticket will open automatically) and we will try to check it further from there.
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