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Web Console with SSH Key

joncpujoncpu Member
edited April 2019 in General Discussions
The recent tutorial "How to set up and use SSH keys" got me testing and I quickly discovered that, as soon as "PasswordAuthentication no" is in /etc/ssh/sshd_config (Ubuntu 16.04), the Web Console ("Console" button in Management in the Client Area) no longer works, as it prompts for Password after accepting User of root.

Any ideas as I am reluctant to leave myself with no alternatives to SSH?  In other words, as much as I would like to move from Password to Key-access, for security reasons, the prospect of being locked out of my VPS scares me more than the Password security issue.


  • ReginaRegina Moderator
    When you block authentication by password, then it is pretty normal not to be able to login via Web Console also. Before blocking root user login, we recommend creating a separate user with root rights. Then you will be able to login using this other user.

    In cases you have blocked your authentication by password and can not login, just contact us for support.

  • Thank you for your help, and very complete answer.  Sorry that I did not see this until now.
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