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What happens when bandwidth limit reached?


your Terms Of Service unfortunately do not state what happens when the monthly bandwidth on a package is reached, neither is there an answer to be found in the FAQ.

So I have several questions:

- what happens when the limit is reached?
- - Does the machine get throttled,
- - cut off the network,
- - suspended?

-Can customers purchase more bandwith
- - until the end of the month?
- - Permanently?

- Do customers get warnings BEFORE the limit is about to be reached, by eMail for example?
- Can we monitor used bandwidth?

Thanks in advance for your answers.


  • ValentineValentine Member
    edited September 2019

    if you exceed your monthly bandwidth allocation we will cape your port speed to 10 Mbps until next month.

    More bandwidth can be added to your server only by upgrading your servers package to a bigger one.

    At the moment no warnings are sent to customer either when he is about to reach or has reached its bandwidth limit. However you are able to track you bandwidth usage in our Client Area in server management section.

  • Thanks you, that works for me. I'll then try a smaller package first and upgrade as needed.

    Thanks again for your answer. Might be nice to add that information to either TOS or FAQ, thought.
  • Glad to help. A lot of useful information as well as bandwidth question is answered in our knowledge base:
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