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IPv6 Support

i want to get IPv6 enabled.
I want no discussion why i need it, from people who doesnt care or know what v6 is.
Live in your v4 world, its ok, i dont care.

I want it on my vps, if possible an entire v6 network / prefix - /64.
But for the first step i would also be happy with 1 v6 address to start and providing it for my websites.

Between, its a shame that you doesnt support it right now :(
Its 2016 - at least my isp support native v6...

Between2: modules for ipv6 are disabled in the images, so he tunnel also doesnt work :(
Its a big shame on you time4vps.


  • Hello,

    unfortunately, we do not support IPv6 on our servers, due to this we can not enable it to your servers.

    We have plans to start offering IPv6 then we will see that demand of all our customers are increasing. At this moment, as we see only few customers wants it.
  • Throwing my name in here as another requester of IPv6. Even if it isn't supported by your upstream or any of your network equipment, it should still be enabled on your servers so OpenVZ users can tunnel it in via or a VPN or something
  • eweewe Member
    After some time, i read this on your website:

    "Do you offer IPv6 support?
    Yes. Every virtual machine comes with one primary IPv6 address and IPv6 subnet /64."

    How can i get IPv6 enabled on my storage vps?
  • eweewe Member
    edited April 2017
    Meanwhile Time4VPS added IPv6 to the machines :smiley:
    In my case it was only 1 IPv6, instead a /64 - but its ok.
    To activate it, you have to reinstall the vps.
    Reboot doesnt help.
    To get v6 ssh connection work, try that:

    cat /etc/ssh/sshd_config | grep ListenAddress

    sed -i -e 's/#ListenAddress ::/ListenAddress ::/ig' /etc/ssh/sshd_config
    systemctl reload sshd

    Now you can use v6 also for your ssh connection to the vps :wink:

    Thanks Time4VPS - was a long hard time, but now im happy!
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