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Are any ports blocked by time4vps?


I'm trying to set up my mail server and I'm having trouble with blocked ports, specifically 25 and 587 (both for smtp). It looks like no connections are coming to my server (checked with tcpdump). I can connect to other ports (80, 8080 etc) without problem. I can connect to port 25 from localhost and everything works, but no connections are coming through from the outside. So my question is, does time4vps block any common ports like 25?


  • Hello darwin,

    we can ensure you that non of the ports are blocked from our side. We recommend to check services using these ports, is services running, configured correctly and so on.

    If you will not find solution, please submit a ticket and we will try to give you some guidelines how to solve it.
  • darwindarwin Member
    Hi Lawrence,

    thanks for your answer. I can confirm that the problem was caused by my VPN and it wasn't your fault.
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