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Sftp and Ftp problems

Hi, I have problem with setting up sftp even ftp at the vps.
I installed ssh-server, also vsftpd, install user with a password, but connection refsed by the server using sybrduck on mac.
Any ideas were i am wrong?


  • RomanRoman Member

    could you please provide some log entries from vsFTPd?
  • i am not sure how to go to this log entries ...?
  • RomanRoman Member
    You should be able to see all log files under the /var/log catalog in the VPS. Just login with root and type:

    cd /var/log



    if you see FTP service log file, then execute:

    cat file_name.log

    and paste results here.
  • alternatives.log fsck
    apache2 lastlog
    apt mail.log
    auth.log mail.log.1
    auth.log.1 mysql
    btmp syslog
    dbconfig-common syslog.1
    dmesg syslog.2.gz
    dpkg.log syslog.3.gz
    faillog syslog.4.gz
    fontconfig.log wtmp
    these i file in the log directory.
    In the same time i have installed vsftpd and logs enebled in config file.
  • gregbggregbg Member
    Hi Guys,
    tonight again trying to make ftp working and again receiving Connection attempt failed with "ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server". from filezila ftp
    Please help!
    Installed everything correct vsftpd, users e.t.c. and server refuses the connection on ubuntu
  • RomanRoman Member
    Hi Greg,

    Please contact our support department and we will provide help for you. It will require us to login to your server.
  • gregbggregbg Member
  • In case anyone was wondering, some Openvz templates include forced ciphers in the default sshd_config file that breaks a lot of SFTP clients, like Filezilla, from working.

    Doubt that was the issue here if vsftpd was broken too though
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