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Can't connect to my account

I had the account with 1 year of Linux 16 plan. I made a mistake when registering (in personal information) and did not find where it can be corrected. I accidentally chose the wrong country (I clicked Lithuania, not Latvia), although I was sure that everything was correct. But after paying the bill, I noticed an error (Payment was successful). Now it tells me that my account does not exist (I had to create it again, with the same email). Also, I could not confirm my personal information, because I did not receive a letter, how and where to send something. Most likely, because of this, I lost access to my account. How can I regain access? I have all the receipts, if it needs to be confirmed!


  • GiedriusGiedrius Administrator


    hey, have you contacted the support team about it? I cannot find any information here to identify you and try to check your account on our system.

    Would you mind contacting support and provide some information so that our team could recheck

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