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DirectAdmin & ubuntu (or debian)


Is there any chance to install ubuntu or debian with directadmin on your vps? Is it true, that directadmin goes only with centos on your vps?
It would be very nice to have this option, because centos comunity belives, that in near future, with centos steam, there will be some issues with stabillity, bugs, ... Because there is to belive, that centos steam will became "testing/developing/alfa" inviroment for RHEL. Allso centos 8 EOL is now dated at the end of 2021.....



  • Hello martin.

    Our DirectAdmin licenses can be used with all OS it supports (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu). For your license to run on one of the operating systems listed, contact us, and we will make the necessary changes to the license. In this case, installing DirectAdmin on the server will need to be done manually via SSH.

    Of the ready-made templates, we only offer an option with CentOS so far.

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