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Storage VPS uses EOL software (OpenVZ 6 and 2.6.32)

I was looking around for a cheap VPS with low specs but lots of storage, and found the "Storage VPS" offered here. Not until after I signed up (and noticed that only very old operating systems were supported) that I realised that it runs on an ancient kernel, 2.6.32. OpenVZ 6 has been EOL since november 2019, and the RHEL6 kernel which it uses hasn't received updates since June 2020.

Are there plans to upgrade "Storage VPS" to OpenVZ 7 too?



  • ValentineValentine Administrator

    currently, there are no such plans.

  • Why not? How can you advertise VPS's where 4/5 of the installable operating systems are EOL and highly insecure? How can you intend for such poor-security servers to be used to store sensitive data?

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