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Cost calculation for +1€/month options with yearly discount

lucaslucas Member
edited December 2020 in Sales Questions and Answers

Dear Time4VPS sales team,
How should I calculate the cost of a yearly plan for a given server with an option whose price is expressed in monthly cost?
For example : would a yearly 0.25 TB storage VPS cost me 29.99€ +12€ ~= 32 € , or would it cost me 29.99€ + 9,99€ ~= 30 € ?


  • Hello, Lucas,

    When ordering an additional component for the server (1 Gbps, backups, SSD), the discount does not apply. In the meantime, you can save money if the server is ordered for a longer period of time, as you get an additional discount.

    For example, a C2 plan costs 2.99 Eur/mo. When ordering a plan for a year (annually), you pay 29.99 Eur, which means that the server costs 2.49 Eur/mo. Thus, a final discount of about 17% is obtained.

    So you pay less for the server, but the additional component to the server is calculated at full price, which means 12.00 Eur per year.

    The final price in your case would be 29.99 + 12 = 41.99 Eur/yr.

  • Thank you.

    (I actually managed to get my math wrong for a couple of simple additions 😭😭)

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