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Tomcat 8.5 own class

Hello all, I have migrate to tomcat 8.5 and it are not loading my own class.
I have follow documentation from appache which shows that it mus locate in catalina-base/web-inf/common but it doesn't work.
Do you have any specific documentation locate about?
Or samebody with the same issue fixed?
Thanks in advance.



  • GiedriusGiedrius Administrator

    Hey @Fern

    We don't have documentation about Tomcat. The situation is not clear as well.

    You should try to browse some Tomcat community forums or pages to see if someone had a similar issue and how it was handled.

    If you could provide some specific error or log fragment about this certain case, it might help in order to point you in the right direction.

    Generally, make sure the Tomcat is installed and configured correctly, basic instructions are basic and they must be adjusted to the individual servers most of the time, so be sure to check that part.

  • FernFern Member

    Helo again, thanks for the offert.

    I'm modifying apps code to get class_path indenpendecy.

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