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Tomcat and Private JVM V2

Hello all, as part of my apps are developed as JSP I need to use Private JVM to manage it individualy in tomcat.

I'm are loking for the plugin Private JVM V2 for WHM.

Someboy know how I could get this plugging?

Thanks in advance.



  • ValentineValentine Administrator


    steps to Install Tomcat and enable tomcat service.

    Go to WHM >> Home >> Software >> EasyApache 4

    Tomcat will appear in the Additional Packages section.

    If you don't find this you can use the below-given URL for reference.

    Introduction to Tomcat

  • FernFern Member

    Hi Valentine, txs a lot for comment, helpfull.

    Do you know where Private JVM V2 from is installed?

    Thansk a lot.

  • ValentineValentine Administrator

    According to my understanding, cPanel has removed that feature in EasyApache 4. So it is not possible to access such a manger through the cPanel interface.
    However, you can still install Apache Tomcat and use Java as provided in the link above.

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