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i have a problem with configure vps nameservers


i have anew vps and domain from, i tried to configure nameserver but something went wrong with me


  • ValentineValentine Member
    edited June 2020

    it depend on whether you want to do it the easy way, little harder or the hardest. As you mentioned there are tree options for domain nameservers:

    1. Your domain provider nameservers;
    2. Our ns* nameservers;
    3. Your server and a slave server as a nameserver.

    The easiest way and probably the quickest is to leave your domain provider nameserver and just add record to them.

    The harder way is to change your domain nameservers to our ns* and add necessary record through our Domain manager.

    Probably the hardest way (if you do not have any control panel) is to change your domain nameservers to your server and our slave nameserver ( and then add record in your server.

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