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is there any chance that devuan (e.g. beowulf, when it comes out of beta) might become available on container VPS one day?
(Not liking systemd from a security standpoint and just being optimistic..)



  • GiedriusGiedrius Administrator

    Hey @david

    we don't have such a plan at this moment, but we will look into this option.

  • I would like this as well; I don't care about systemd that much, despite choosing a systemd-free OS, the excellent PCLinuxOS with KDE, but from a security and simplifying angle I should certainly choose one if it it is an option.

  • In SimCity BuildIt, just as mayors strategically plan and build their cities, the availability of Devuan, like Beowulf, on container VPS platforms could depend on various factors akin to zoning and infrastructure in the game. While the game evolves with updates and expansions, the integration of Devuan into container VPS services may depend on community demand, technical feasibility, and partnerships akin to unlocking new buildings or features. However, with optimism and advocacy for alternative systems like Devuan, there's potential for it to become a viable option in the future landscape of containerized environments.

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