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Is my data safe on VPS?


First of all, I want to say that I am happy to see your Storage VPS plans! They perfectly suits for my goal -- host my Nextcloud server to manage my bookmarks/calendars/contacts/tasks/etc myself.

But I am concerned about confidentially of my data. I know, that having physical access to server you can gain access to all my data. So I want to have guarantees that you will not do it (well, at least without legal order). I see no information about this question in term of service agreement nor in knowledgebase nor in tickets on this community forum.

Can you please describe your policies regarding to customer data in ordered VPS or point me to the place where it described?



  • GiedriusGiedrius Administrator

    Hey @mich,

    first of all, have you checked this URL:
    This is our privacy policy, that explains what data we do collect and why.

    As for the data on the actual server you or any customer have, we don't proactively check it, because we work on the assumption that each customer uses their server for the activity that is not violating our Terms of Services, or Law.

    Our servers are self-managed and we don't interfere with it, except for these cases:
    1. we receive a legal order to provide some data from a specific server;
    2. customer requests us to access the server.
    3. we get the abuse complaint.

    There are no other reasons we would access the server, nor do we want to. If there is anything else, let me know.

  • Hello, @Giedrius, thanks for fast reply!

    I was looking for info like this three points, thank you. For me, it is important and worth to be mentioned in legal documents.

    About privacy policy -- yes, I checked it, but currently it describes handling of 'personal data' (which is data about person, like email/phone), while I am concerned about 'customer's data' (which is data owned by customer, like photos/documents).

  • GiedriusGiedrius Administrator

    I am happy to clear that out for you. I'll see if we can add that clarification on the website or knowledgebase.

  • EvpaEvpa Member

    If you store sensitive data, store it already encrypted.

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