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Cloudron - Platform for running apps on web server HOW-TO

DainiusDainius Member
edited January 2020 in Web hosting control panels
Since there is not much info about "Cloudron" I thought I would post some.

The only post with instruction is:

However it's not correct. When you order new Linux VPS service you DON'T have an option for Cloudron in the "Addons" section. Bellow is how to get it:

For experienced user:
- Go to "Reinstall OS" on your existing Linux VPS, it will appear on the list.

For inexperienced users:
- After you purchase any Linux VPS service, go to "Services" (Choose your Linux VPS)
- Press "Manage" (On the far right)
- Then from menu on the right choose "Reinstall OS"
- Expand the section where is says "Please select a new OS for ..." ONLY then you will see  the "Cloudron + Ubuntu 18.04 (64-bit)" on the list. Press it and choose to reinstall

Time4VPS don't specify it, but Cloudron is NOT FREE, you can only install 2 apps at the time from all the available ones, if you want access to all of them the License cost is around $30/ per month. But if Time4VPS would contact them, I'm pretty sure they would get nice discount.
It's a great platform for quick app installation without a hassle, however you won't be needing many of them and those apps that you need in most cases can be installed separately without Cloudron's help, it will take more time and effort, but you better of getting better VPS.

Best Regards,
Dainius G.


  • JustinaJustina Moderator
    Hello Dainiuis.

    The lesson given is correct. You cannot purchase Cloudron licenses from us, so you do not see this option in the 'Addons' section. To obtain a license, you should do so directly on the Cloudron page. We do write about this in our next article. It also explains that our current template has limitations and can be used to install two applications on a server.

    We are working with Cloudron and the licensing question is currently under consideration. We will keep our customers informed through newsletters or social networks.

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