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Kubernetes cluster

Many cloud-providers are offering managed K8S clusters nowadays. I would love to have it at Time4VPS. I'm going to release my next project soon and I will need to choose between a) create my own cluster and maintain it on Time4VPS which wasn't be easy and will take a lot of time, or b) select another cloud provider who offers that already, maybe for a little higher price. For example digitalocean looks very promising. 


  • I support this suggestion for a managed kubernetes solution!

  • KronisLVKronisLV Member
    edited February 2021

    While having the option of using a managed K8S cluster would be a nice thing to have, at the same time it can result in a bit of a vendor-lock with functionality that is only provided by the particular vendor and running in a multi-cloud scenario would also be more difficult (e.g. failover and high availability).

    There are many who recommend installing your own K8S cluster from 0, which can indeed be difficult, but at the same time there are enough open source turn-key solutions to essentially make this a non-issue.

    For example, have a look at Rancher:
    In my opinion, it's a really good solution for running and managing clusters on any server that you'd like (Time4VPS included), the installation is easy, as is joining new servers to said clusters.

    Of course, if you'd like a more lightweight option, my personal experience has been pretty good with K3s:
    It is basically a more lightweight (but still certified) K8S distribution that's even easier to install and also includes some of the utilities that you'd normally like to have (e.g. kubectl) out of the box!

    I've also used it in combination with Portainer:
    It's another solution that can manage K8S clusters, although it doesn't initialize them for you (so in this case you'll want K3s + Portainer), but is probably one of the most lightweight setups possible.

    In summary, even if Time4VPS don't invest the time into creating managed K8S cluster support (which is a big undertaking), there are still plenty of options out there to enable anyone to do it in a few dozen CLI commands, to get a perfectly functional GUI to go along with it. Source: am using a similar setup across all of my Time4VPS servers.

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