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Cloudflare / JS required for RSS feed??

daviddavid Member
It seems that the  site-status RSS feed is now directed via cloudflare and requires a javascript-enabled browser, thus breaking any non-javascript capable RSS reader. ( I've been polling it every couple of hours it via the little unix command r2e from my VPS, but I get similar results with wget, lynx, etc.)

Is this an oversight or a deliberate policy change? I'd expect most RSS readers not to be javascript enabled.

If the RSS server is really in need of cloudflare's  protection from script-kiddies on the big-bad-internet these days, is there by any chance a local address that data-centre-internal
users can check?



  • GiedriusGiedrius Administrator
    edited July 2019
    Hey @david,

    this issue was resolved today, by reconfiguring the Cloudflare for the RSS. You may you give it a try and report back if something is wrong.
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