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yshinkarevyshinkarev Member
edited February 2019 in Feature Request/Bug Report
I can't login by api.
I try login by request curl '' -u "username:password", where I using my login and password.
I get 301 redirect to (url should have backsplash at end)
OK, try new url, then get {"error":["wronglogin"]}
Hm, may be issue that I use Two-Factor Authentication?
I try use code from Google Authenticator as password. Same error.
UC: my username is email address contains point symbol "."
I try encode username, no success.

UPD: I try login using java code using okhttp3 library (code here).
No success too.


  • Hm, you have mistake on page (tab bash).
    # With bash, you can just pass the correct header with each request curl '' \ -u "username:passowrd"
    But really should be used url
  • WilliamWilliam Moderator
    Hi there,

    In this case I would recommend of opening ticket in the client area with the commands you have done and the ones that fail, for our developer team to be able of checking. In general, there should be no issues with the usage of User API.
  • bmaletsbmalets Member
    edited May 2019
    Is it possible to create a Status API? 
    The problem is that it is hard to check "Status Update" page every time.

    Status API will help to prepare for maintenance.
    At least to show some info banner about upcoming maintenance on website for end clients.

    I am sure that it's super critical question not for me only.

  • bmalets said:
    Is it possible to create a Status API? 

    Great suggestion. We will add it on our To-Do list.
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