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Upgrade Container VPS Legacy Debian kernel

I want to update my Debian 9 to debian 10 but I get error with libc because the kernel is too old and I cannot upgrade my vps.
I need that to bump few software that I need to use.
There is a way to update the custom kernel to the official one of Debian? Also i see that now my plan is marked as legacy so maybe there is something to migrate to something not legacy?


  • ReginaRegina Moderator
    Hello Mte90,

    Currently we do not offer Debian 10 on any of our servers and, unfortunately, custom opearting systems cannot be installed on our servers. It is highly not recommended to make the upgrade on your own.

    The kernel is older on our Container VPS's, but kernel could be upgraded on our KVM based Linux packages:

  • So I have to upgrade my plan to the new KVM package?
    I renewed few days ago and I didn't received any invite to do that.
  • Mte90 said:
    So I have to upgrade my plan to the new KVM package?
    You can contact our support and we will find a fitting solution for you ;)
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