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[Windows] Managing partitions through Disk Management

WilliamWilliam Moderator
edited December 2018 in Windows VPS
In this guide we will provide a beginner guide on management of disk partitions and their sizes. Windows Server OS has already prepared Disk Management utility, that allows these configurations in couple steps.

Windows VPS service with installed OS.

1. Accessing VPS:
Log-in to your VPS via Remote Desktop (Windows) or rdesktop (Linux).

2. Starting Disk Management application:
Disk Management application can be accessed in different ways:
  • 2.1 First way would be to start it from Server Manager application. In "Tools" tab, select option "Computer Management":
Afterwards, on the left menu, choose "Disk Management option.
  • 2.2 Other possible method is by right-clicking the "Start" button and choosing "Disk Management" option there:

  • 2.3 Third option is to summon Command Prompt and run "diskmgmt.msc" command:
3. Using Disk Management utility:
By default, C: Volume should have assigned all of the disk space that your ordered VPS comes with. To proceed with creating additional partitions, you should firstly allocate disk space to work with by shrinking current Volume. This can be done by right clicking the name of the Volume or the partition field and choosing "Shrink Volume..." option.
In the opened menu, you will have to choose, how much MB of the free (available) disk space you choose to shrink from your current Volume and press "Shrink" button.
After the procedure will be completed, additional not assigned partition space will appear at the Disk Management application. This space can be used for creating new Volume by right-clicking the Unallocated disk space field and choosing "New Simple Volume..." option:

On the opened Setup page, you can set wanted size for the new partition, from the available free disk space. Afterwards you can assign wanted letter for the new Volume and choose the wanted details for format the new partition.

After proceeding further, new Volume will be added in your Disk Management application and it will be seen in your This PC (My Computer) Window:

That's it! You have created additional Volume to separate your files inside of VPS. In addition to this creation, Disk Management utility allows you to delete (only for additional Volumes), shrink and extend created Volumes.

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