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Can anyone please assist.

Im new to this VPS and need to know how to setup my account.

1. Do i need any additional software ?
2. Im trying to setup my masternode and the longer i struggle the more money im loosing - im crying here.
3. My main problem is accessing the web console, but im getting the idea that i might have done something wrong during setup - is there a way to reset everything and start over again ?



  • WilliamWilliam Moderator
    Welcome to Time4VPS ;)
    1. In general, additional software is not required. Since you have ordered KVM Windows server, it can be accessed via RDP.
    2. Beginning to manage servers is not easy, but it is possible if you make enough effort. Unfortunately, but we do not have a guide on masternode setup, but our other clients have configured and using them successfully.
    3. The easiest way to reset the service is by re-installing the OS. During this procedure, old information and configuration of the server would be deleted and clean OS template loaded on your server.
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