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Enabling Cloudflare protection

Cloudflare provides DDoS mitigation, internet security services in between website visitors and the server on which content is being hosted. At the moment Cloudflare is one of the most popular free CDN service providers.

1. Registration.
To use the services, registration has to be done on Cloudflare system. This can be done via following link:

Enter your domain that you want to protect into "Add your site" field and press the "Add site" button:

Select Suitable Cloudflare service plan (Free is also suitable). Proceed with current DNS record scan, by pressing "Continue" button.

2. DNS change

Set the nameservers  that you will receive, in this example it was and, however it is very likely that for your domain it will be different. This change has to be done from your domain registry (company on which you have registered your domain). Usage of both Nameservers are mandatory. The change will be fully saved after TTL of the DNS servers will pass.

After the change you will have to wait until it will be completed. Cloudflare system will automatically refresh the information of changes. Manual check initiation is also possible by pressing "Recheck Nameservers" button. If you have closed domain management panel it can be re-opened again by selection "Overview" menu option and choosing the domain.

3. Change of attacked IP address.

When Cloudflare will be in use, it should have the records that are set on your current DNS servers. If adjustments for the records will be needed, you can do it now, or wait until further steps, because adjustments will be needed in the end any way:

Check if the domain is fully protected by the Cloudflare service. If protection is active - "Overview" section should be in green font. When the Cloudflare protection will be active, as seen in the image below, that will hide your server IP when checking the domain, under Cloudflare reverse proxy.


The protection is required, because the old IP that was attacked before at this moment is still related to your server. To solve this, you should order additional IP address for your VPS.

After you will make the payment for the IP address order, you have to open a ticket from your client area with request of changing old IP address with the newly ordered. This is required that old IP, that is under attack, would no longer point harmful traffic to your server.

4. Final changes for domain DNS zone records.

After the old IP will be replaced, we will inform you via ticket system. Now you should change the domain DNS zone records in Cloudflare system. When changing instead of old IP address, you should set the new one. The change can be done via using DNS icon at the top menu of Cloudflare system. A guide on how to change the zone records:
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