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[Ubuntu] Installing ERPNext

GiedriusGiedrius Administrator
edited May 2020 in Web Applications
ERPNext is a free and open-source based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. ERP software is used for easier management of a business. It is usually a set of integrated applications.

In this article, we will provide simple instructions on how to install the ERPNext on our Linux servers, which is using Ubuntu OS. In the instruction, we used the Ubuntu 16.04 version.

If you have not updated the VPS, you could start the installation by making sure the system is updating:
apt-get update -y
After that, you will need a Python package to be installed:
apt-get install python-minimal -y
The preparation has now complete, you can continue with the main software installation. First download the software:
Install it:
python --develop --user time4vps
After the installation, enter the location where the software was installed:
cd /home/time4vps/frappe-bench/
Once you in the right location, you can start the software:
bench start
This will start the application, which you can access with the following URL:


More information can be found here:

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