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Hi there
Is there a tutorial or any information from time4vps as to how to install wordpress?
Thank you


  • GiedriusGiedrius Administrator
    Hey fritz24,

    unfortunately, we do not have such tutorial, since we believed it would not be useful considering it is quite an easy thing and we provide self-managed VPS.

    However,  the basic idea should be pretty straight-forward, you would need to download the WordPress files to your website location on the server and just proceed with usual installation, if you have done that ever before.

    If we see the need of such instruction, we may provide one on the Community forum in the future.
  • Hi Giedrius
    Thank for your info. I can see the point. So I assume there are no restrictions from your side as to the names of databases and usernames.

  • GiedriusGiedrius Administrator
    Hey fritz24,

    no, there are no restrictions regarding the names of the databases or such settings.
  • Thanks a lot!
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