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[Windows] Setting your FTP server

GiedriusGiedrius Administrator
edited September 2018 in Windows VPS
In this article we will provide the instruction on how to set up and configure your FTP server on your Windows Server. We will be using FileZilla Server software:

Download and installation of FileZilla FTP Server software

First you need to download the installation file of FileZilla Server, it can be done from the official site:

Once you download the installation file, execute it so get to installation wizard. In the first step you will have to simply press "Next" to continue installation.

Then you will have to simply check box some option, which we recommend keeping as suggested by default, unless you are sure you want to make changes. Below you can see the example of this windows:

Once you press "Next", you will be presented with the window, where you will have to choose to location of the FileZilla Server installation and then press "Next" again.

After this, you will be present with other window, to choose how will your FileZilla server should be started (Automatically, Manually, or as regular software). Example shown below:

Once you proceed to the next step, you will have to choose on what occasions the FileZilla Server interface should be opened:

Once this is done, finish the installation and the FileZilla interface should pop-up automatically and you will see the following window:

In this window, you should leave the default option, it will mean that your FTP server will work on localhost, which you are configuring right now. The main interface looks very simple and provide the necessary options:

Adding users for FTP Server

Once you enter the main interface, you will need to create users, which will be able to connect to your FTP Server, this can be done by pressing Edit > Users in the top menu. Once you press this, you will be displayed with the settings as below:

In this print-screen you can see a button "Add", which you will press in order to create a User.

After this, you will have to assign a shareable folder, which your created user will be able to access, as well as the privileges (Read, Write, Delete and etc.), this can be done by choosing "Shared folders" on the left side:

Alright, you have set up your FTP server and created user, which will be able to log int to your FTP Server and specific folders.

Windows Firewall changes

Since Windows Server is probably blocking everything, in order for your FTP Server to work correctly, you will have to allow the FileZilla Server software withing your Windows Firewall (Inbound and Outbound connections).

Be sure not to forget the firewall changes, otherwise your users may not connect to the server.

More information about the software and advanced configuration can be found on FileZilla community forum:


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