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How do you remove 2FA without having access to the account?

terorieterorie Member
edited November 2017 in General Discussions
Good evening.

I unfortunately lost my phone today and I cannot access my account anymore because I need a Google Authenticator code. But I don't have one. I cannot even open a support ticket, so I am writing here.

I reset my password today but 2 Factor Authentication is still there.
I can still access my VPS, but I need to access the member area.
The member account has the same E-Mail confirmed as the community account if that helps.

My question is, what can I do to remove 2FA from my account?

I clearly wasn't thinking so now I don't have backups of the 2FA QR-code. Thank you for reading this and paying attention!


  • Hello,

    in this case please contact us to "[email protected]" from your e-mail address (no other e-mail would be suitable). In the e-mail clarify the details, that you have lost the access to your authenticator or what is the issue with the access and that you would like to disable the 2FA feature.
  • Thanks, I will do that.
  • You guys are absolutely amazing. They removed 2FA about 2 minutes after I submitted an E-Mail to support!  =)
  • Thank you for the compliment. We try our best!
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