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Be more clear on your stand regarding torrents


I just had a conversation with support regarding a DMCA on a torrent I downloaded. For one, I KNOW torrents are illegal, that's not the point. I purchased a Time4VPS service based on reviews on LET and the fact that from what I read there, torrents are OK. There is even a comment that you "have no specific restrictions regarding torrents". Now, WE ALL KNOW what that means, right? RIGHT? 

Here is the reply I sent in the support ticket:

Like I've said the torrent has been deleted 2 days before the the DMCA email. I do not seed torrents, I download and pause them once downloaded.

The comment forum "We have no specific restrictions regarding torrents." is very general, WE ALL KNOW how torrent is being used. That comment is an invitation to use your service for torrenting illegal content, note the "no specific restriction" part.

How about being VERY SPECIFIC in your TOS? Something like the following:

- You are NOT allowed to use Bittorrent to DOWNLOAD coyrighted content/mp3/movies/software,
- You are only allowed to use torrents for legal purposes

You should be very specific when it comes to torrents, specially on forums. Telling people that it is OK to use torrents means it's ok to download copyrighted contents UNLESS SPECIFICALLY NOTED IN THE TOS. There is no mention of torrents on the TOS.

Let me say it one more time in caps: DON"T TELL PEOPLE IN FORUMS IT'S OK TO USE TORRENT IF YOU DON"T ALLOW ILLEGAL CONTENT. When you say torrents, it means torrenting illegal content. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT.

Please just put somewhere "illegal torrents not allowed" or something, in the TOS or FAQ.


  • GiedriusGiedrius Administrator

    we handled your ticket and remember the situation. We are not sure what is the exact reason so you needed to start a discussion, as we already have said we would look into the rephrase of the ToS.

    The comment on forum (the one you copied) might not be as clear as you want, but it does not say we allow illegal content. It says we do not restrict using torrent. The torrent and the copyright content are two different things. If you assume everyone is using torrents only for illegal content, that so be it. However it is not and like we mentioned, the torrent is simply a P2P traffic, which can be used in more ways than to download and distribute illegal content, which is why our comment was quite specific, that torrent itself is not restricted or blocked.

    However, the copyright content is forbidden according to our ToS and it does not matter what form it comes: direct download, torrent or any other. Your abuse case was opened not because you were using torrent, but because your server had a copyright content, which we got complaint about and we think the evidence were clear enough.

    To sum up, we will try to look into it and perhaps rephrase the sentence regarding it, so that it would not be interpreted in any other way than it really is. Hope that we could clear that for you.
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