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[Windows] How to Add a New RDP User on Windows VPS Server

ElingasamElingasam Member
edited August 2019 in Windows VPS
Want to add a new RDP user on your Windows VPS server but are not sure how to do it correctly? We will help you in the following post. To create a new RDP user, on your server you should follow these steps in the exact order that they are presented:

1. First, choose "Start" -> "Administrative" -> "Computer Management":

2. Then, on the open window choose "Computer Management" -> "Local Users and Groups".

3. Make sure to click the right button of the mouse on the directory "Users" -> choose "New User" -> Enter your new user login details (username and password).

4. By default, a new user is always created with very limited privileges, so, for the new user to be able to log in to  the Windows VPS server like everyone else, you need to change his/her privileges:

* Click two times on the directory named "Users" (the same that you can see on the third step of this guide, by creating new user).

* Then, click the right button of the mouse on the new user you just created and choose "Properties" -> on the open window choose "Members Of" and Add:

* On the field "Enter the object names to select" enter Administrators and click "Check Names".

5. Save the changes that you made and from now on you will be able to access your server with a new user that you’ve just created.

If you encounter any problems while following these steps, have any questions about adding a new user on Windows VPS server or inquiries about any of the services that we provide, contact our support team that will hear you out and help you with any problems that you might have, 24/7. 

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