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Debian 9

Having a Debian 9 image on OpenVZ would be great.


  • RomanRoman Member
    Yes, it would be a great addition. Sad, that OpenVZ still lacking support for it. But whenever they officially support this OS template - we will add it.
  • blHblH Member
    Maybe it's time to think about migration from OpenVZ to LXC? Another VPS providers already begin to do it.
    LXC has lot of advantages comparing OpenVZ: modern kernel (mainline, not special obsolete), modern OS containers (including Debian9 and my favorite AlpineLinux), easy container maintenance and so on/// 
  • Having a Debian 9 image at least on KVM servers would really be great.

    Is that going to happen anytime soon?
  • GiedriusGiedrius Administrator
    Hello sudo,

    Since KVM allows us to be more flexible, we are in fact planning to launch Debian 9 on our KVM VPS. However,  currently we do not have an ETA on it.

    Keep track of our social channels to know about upcoming features and changes.
  • stealthstealth Member
    Some news ?
  • ReginaRegina Moderator
    edited April 2019

    We have started offering Debian 9 template for our KVM based servers recently. We have made more updates on available OS templates. Check out all the available templates here:

  • stealthstealth Member
    edited May 2018
    Thank you,

    What is the simplest and most effective way to upgrade without erase the OS? Can I just change my apt source list to stretch without issue ? I do the migration like this on a real server

  • WilliamWilliam Moderator

    well, the recommended way would be to re-install the OS. But in such case, all of current data would be lost if not backed up prior to the installation.

    But if you wish to try updating from Debian 8 to Debian 9, firstly make a backup and download it if something goes wrong. Moreover, take notice that the more software you have installed on your VPS currently, equally, the more chances there are that something will go wrong. The following article provided by 3rd party provides quite useful information for the upgrade, so you should definitely look into it:

    P.S. Do not forget of making a backup before making any changes!
  • stealthstealth Member
    Hi William, I tried but

    I guess time4vps is using transparent proxy for debian mirrors and your local repository is not right updated with stretch.
    So it's dangerous to migrate right now or we must use other domains than
  • stealthstealth Member
    Ok works now with:

    deb stretch main
    deb-src stretch main

    deb stretch-updates main
    deb-src stretch-updates main

    deb stretch/updates main
    deb-src stretch/updates main

    Of course the kernel still old, very old ...

    more /etc/debian_version
     uname -a
    Linux nostromo.xxxx 2.6.32-042stab128.2 #1 SMP Thu Mar 22 10:58:36 MSK 2018 x86_64 GNU/Linux

  • ReginaRegina Moderator
    Hey stealth,

    If you are using KVM based VPS, then you can upgrade the kernel version on the server manually. In case you are using any other package, the kernel can not be upgraded, unfortunately, because of virtualization limits.
  • stealthstealth Member
    But there are a lot of errors with cgroups and kernel and at boot ssh is long to appears
    So just for fun or testing you can migrate, for working no
  • stealthstealth Member
    Sorry, I missed your message
    You mean in my VM with apt install linux-image-amd64 or with your interface ?
  • ReginaRegina Moderator
    edited April 2019
    Hello there,

    In this case, I recommend to open up a ticket via our Client Area:

    We will check what kind of server you are using and will be able to help you out better with the issues you encounter.

  • Ok thanks, ticket opened, as suggested before do you have a plan about lxc/lxd ?
  • ReginaRegina Moderator

    Unfortunately, we are not planning to introduce LXC/LXD.

    We are planning to upgrade the current Standard and Storage VPS's, though. It should be finished in the beginning of September.

  • Debian 9 is now available on all our Linux servers.
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