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CentOS 7 Cron Error - Is it normal or serious?


Just setup my first CentOS 7 server (always used Debian until now) and after initial setup and configuration I have received in the first 24 hours of operation 2 emails separated in time by 1 minute with the following:

FROM: (Cron Daemon) <[email protected]>
SUBJECT: Cron <[email protected]> run-parts /etc/cron.hourly

Could not parse metalink error was No repomd file

I’m just a newbie with CentOS 7 and this error after some research seems to be just a temporary network error when server was trying to get updates using cron, because if I round a manual “yum update” all is ok.

Server has automatic security updates enabled and "epel" setup due to use fail2ban.

So, nothing to worry about this error and is a normal error? Or I’m really just a “baby newbie” and something is really wrong with my server?



  • RomanRoman Member

    If this error persists than it's definitely not normal. Please contact support for further investigation.
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