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Email notification about scheduled downtime

I noticed there were scheduled maintenance downtimes recently. One server was restarted two times, on 15th and 27th November. Both times due to RAID controller batteries replacement. I don't care much that single server was down two times, although it is weird, but on both occasions I wasn't aware of the scheduled downtime.
I know Nodes maintenance is announced in Status Update in administration panel, but is it possible to be notified about downtimes also via email? I didn't find that option anywhere.



  • Hi, yes of course it's possible. In order to get email notifications you just need to order RSS Feed of Status Page:

  • RSS is not quite the same as email. Email is more convenient for me since I use multiple clients on multiple devices and it is easier to just put somewhere my email, than subscribe to feed on all my devices, get notification and see it as Unread until I open it or mark as read on every single one of those devices.

    For now, I guess I have no choice but to use rss2email.
  • Thank you for your remarks. We will try our best to implement other kinds of notifications regarding upcoming maintenance.
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