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Upgrading Fedora?

pstpst Member
edited December 2016 in General Discussions
Is it possible to upgrade an existing Fedora VPS for example with DNF system upgrade as described on ? Or do I have to reinstall from scratch and get my stuff back from backup afterwards?


  • I assumed I would have to reinstall from scratch, but thought I might ask anyway.

    Now I see that as for Fedora it's almost a moot point anyhow, since the latest Fedora that is available as standard virtual server now is Fedora 23, which is obsolete since December 20. I hope that a newer Fedora will be available soon.

    (Mostly for fun I tried to follow instructions for a dnf upgrade from Fedora 23 on a spare system to see what would happen, and it stopped with "Error: No new kernel packages were found" which isn't that strange, since the running F23 doesn't have such a package.)

    I've read a bit about OpenVZ now which I hadn't earlier. I see that OpenVZ doesn't ship a precreated template for a later Fedora (yet?), but at there are templates for Fedora 24 and 25 created by the community. Maybe that is something that Time4VPS could vet or use as inspiration?

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