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email cant login


before 2 days, my mail in my server stop to work, and say whrong username or password i use Mail Client in my pc, the setings are ok in my email client, and when i see the problem itry to connect with my webmail from cpanel to chek , butt stil the same i cant conect.

Thank you


  • Hello,

    first thing you need to do as a server administrator is to login to your server and check server logs in order to determine the exact reason. After reason is detected there should be easy to find a solution. Have you checked your server logs?
  • tomy4tomy4 Member
    edited October 2016
    hello .. Valentine

    i dont know many thinks about server, i have server before but not self-managed server.

    please can you tell to me how i do that?

    Thank you for help :)
  • Hello,

    you should login to your server through SSH and check the mail logs in /var/log/ directory. However if you do not manage to get it you could contact our support team by opening a ticket and maybe we will be able to help you.
  • hello Valentine :)

    i have contact with support and tell to me this

    probably you should go with a suggested solution. Also you should check for another solutions in cPanel forum. Our servers are self-managed and we can only guide you to the way of solution.

    i try now with SSH and show to me this: ( -bash: /var/log/: is a directory )

    Thank you
  • Hey,
    yes, /var/log/ is a directory. You should first go into this directory:

    cd /var/log/

    Then you can check its content:


    Find necessary log file and check its content.
  • hello Valentine :)

    show this:

    ./ dcpumon/ exim_rejectlog messages-20161011 spooler
    ../ dmesg exim_rejectlog-20161011.gz messages-20161016 spooler-20161011
    bandwidth/ dmesg.old exim_rejectlog-20161016.gz messages-20161023 spooler-20161016
    boot.log exim_mainlog exim_rejectlog-20161023.gz nscd.log spooler-20161023
    btmp exim_mainlog-20161011.gz httpd/ quota_enable.log tallylog
    btmp-20161011 exim_mainlog-20161016.gz lastlog sa/ wtmp
    chkservd.log exim_mainlog-20161023.gz maillog samba/ xferlog.offset
    cron exim_paniclog maillog-20161011 secure xferlog.offsetftpsep
    cron-20161011 exim_paniclog-20161011.gz maillog-20161016 secure-20161011 yum.log
    cron-20161016 exim_paniclog-20161016.gz maillog-20161023 secure-20161016 yum.log-20161011
    cron-20161023 exim_paniclog-20161023.gz messages secure-20161023

    Thank you
  • We advise you to check " exim_mainlog", "exim_paniclog" and " maillog" to see where could be an errors.
  • hello Valentine

    i try to check " exim_mainlog", "exim_paniclog" and " maillog"

    and show:

    -bash: /var/log/exim_mainlog: Permission denied

    -bash: /var/log/exim_paniclog: Permission denied

    -bash: var/log/maillog: Permission denied

    Thank you
  • hello again

    i try to delete this email and add again from my cpanel and i cant, show this:

    Use create('Collection',..) to create a Cpanel::Exception::Collection objet. at /usr/local/Cpanel/ line 58

    i have add new other email for my one of addon domains in my server and it works okay,
    but this one still have problem.

    Thank you
  • Have you checked for a solution at cPanel official forum?
  • hello

    i post in cpanel forum my problem, and finlaly i contact with cpanel support and fix this problem. but now my email i cant receve or send mails.

    from cpanel say not a cpanel problem, the problem is in mx records in my domain, the mx records in my time4vps dashboard are okay.

    i dont know now what can i do ?

    Thank you
  • Hello,
    you should check you domain MX records and determine if they are right:
  • tomy4tomy4 Member
    edited April 2019

    this show:
    No Records Exist, Reported by,
    but my mx records from time4vps dns management are okay
    i dont know were is the problem.

    Thank you
  • Could you open a support ticket with your domain information so we could check it?
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