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OpenVZ and KVM

In this thread there was a mention that you will start offering KVM-based servers somewhere around autumn. This brought a question to my mind: after KVM servers are released, will we be able to migrate our current OpenVZ servers to the new platform without cancelling, re-ordering and re-installing them?

I'm just wondering whether I should wait before ordering some new servers.

Also, any ETA on the KVM release? :)


  • Hi Janoff,

    There is no need to cancel OpenVZ server line, because with that virtualization we work almost 10 years and it's proven to be very reliable and flexible to serve our customer needs.

    We will offer KVM as alternative to standard OVZ servers. These servers will be designed for customers who require more freedom with server configuration (kernel upgrades, docker support etc.).

    Take a note, that KVM option will be priced differently from OVZ offers and it's likely be more expensive.

    As for ETA, keep an eye on our Twitter channel: :wink:
  • Sorry, I think you might have misunderstood my question.

    I meant that if I purchase a server now (running on OVZ), can I change it later so that it runs on KVM? Or do I have to purchase an entirely new server (and cancel the old one)?
  • ValentineValentine Administrator
    Hey Janoff,

    we will not offer VPS migration from OVZ to KVM that is why you will have to order new (KVM) VPS transfer your data and then cancel OVZ server.
  • JanoffJanoff Member
    edited August 2016
    Ok, thanks.

    Another question somewhat related to this topic: If I purchase a VPS and select a yearly billing cycle, but then cancel it after 4 months (to switch to KVM), do I get the money for the unused duration of 8 months back?
  • ValentineValentine Administrator
    Unfortunately refunds will not be possible because we guarantee only 30 days refunds.
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