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About DNS


I´m a n00b when it comes to DNS and I am a bit confused

The thing is that I wanna setup a couple of webpages on my VPS and I cant seem to handle DNS in a right way.

At my registrar I have some DNS managment, at tim4vps some and in ubuntu some.

What is the difference in "pointing" dns to my the vps nameservers or add for example A records?

What is the most simple way to understand and handle DNS i ubuntu server?

Can someone explain to me in a simple way how to use my domain on my vps? Shall I "point" the domain to my VPS nameservers or should I add a A-record to my vps IP?

Thank you!


  • ValentineValentine Administrator
    edited April 2019

    it depend on whether you want to do it the easy way, little harder or the hardest. As you mentioned there are tree options for domain nameservers:
    1. Your domain provider nameservers;
    2. Our ns* nameservers;
    3. Your server and a slave server as a nameserver.
    The easiest way and probably the quickest is to leave your domain provider nameserver and just add record to them.

    The harder way is to change your domain nameservers to our ns* and add necessary record through our Domain manager.

    Probably the hardest way (if you do not have any control panel) is to change your domain nameservers to your server and our slave nameserver ( and then add record in your server.

  • Ok, Thanks

    I have not succeeded to do this in a right way..

    I have two servers one do have the and but the other server has some different dns. I checked in dns managment in OS and they were

    This is the server I want to use. Should I point my nameservers to this adress?
  • ValentineValentine Administrator
    edited April 2019
    "" - is our resolver you should leave it as it is. It in not quite sure where you put "ns*" nameservers. Could you open a support ticket and provide us with exact domain name and server you want to point your domain to?
  • ok!
  • DIZDIZ Member
    edited April 2019
    Hello i am having the same trouble as fng77, checked out this article :
    but when i click on the DNS Management it just redirects me to clientarea.
  • ValentineValentine Administrator
    Hey DIZ,

    have you ordered "DNS manager" through our Client area? If not place a new order for it, don't worry it is free of charge.
  • Oh thank you, now i have the dns manager, added my domains changed the nameservers from the domain register page after that i chose from the dns manager when i added the domains to use default template dns then changed each ip from the A Records data field to the ip of my vps, is that correct?
  • ValentineValentine Administrator
    Yes, that is exactly what you need to do.
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