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have you had any drive failures in storage servers?

williewillie Member
I understand the storage servers are raid-6. Can I ask if you've had any drive failures and if yes, any problems rebuilding? Does it happen often? Have you had any 2-drive failures? I think it's good if you've had some failures and successful rebuilds. Drives do fail so if you've had it happen already, it means the raid system is working and it's good to know that. :) Where I used to work we replaced about 1 drive per day on average in our small DC.


  • Hello,
    for VPS nodes we use SSD cached 6 x 1200 GB 10k RPM SAS RAID6 storage. However we do not wait for any drive to fail and if we notice any signals of upcoming failure we change it immediately. Also we never faced any issues regarding rebuilding process.
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