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Petition to add IPv6 modules

andrewbandrewb Member
edited August 2018 in Feature Request/Bug Report
Since in the other thread it was said that interest in IPv6 was low, and therefor not a priority, I am starting a thread here for people to post their names in support of adding at least OpenVZ IPv6 module support so users can use tunnel brokers (or native IPv6 if you enable it)

Going to crosspost this to lowendtalk to get more eyes on it




  • kly1kly1 Member
    Yes please, IPv6 is a must!
  • RomanRoman Member
    edited July 2016

    Thank you for request. We will pin this thread to the top in order to review how many requests for IPv6 we will receive.
  • YmpkerYmpker Member
    Would also like to see this :)
  • williewillie Member
    I don't consider ipv6 super important but I have some interest in it. I seem to get better ipv6 routes than ipv4 routes from the US to Hetzner sometimes (lousy telecoms here) and it may affect time4vps as well. I also have several lowendspirit NAT vps which work best with ipv6 but they do have some ipv4 connectivity (when it's not getting dos'd) and I could see backing them up to time4vps (I back them up to Hetzner now).
  • Yes, please ipv6 support please!

    Hostingan ID
    Domain Murah, Hosting Murah
  • Shot2Shot2 Member
    The lack of IPv6 connectivity (and a decent one at best, not a tunnel or blocklist-prone /128) is the only thing that keeps me from ordering a storage vps - specs are neat, prices are awesome, but... As all my infrastructure is either dual-IPv4/v6 or v6-only, native IPv6 would save me some headaches (middleman proxy/6-to-4 relay) when it comes to storing backups of my many servers.
  • Count me in!
  • eweewe Member
    Yes, i want IPv6 too.
    But im waiting for it since early 2015 :(
    Hope they activate it realy soon!
  • Come on... It is 2016 already. IPv6 connectivity is a must.
    If time4vps have troubles to provide native ipv6 then at least compile in ipv6 support in kernel.
    I already have hacked one software to exclude ipv6 support because it doesn't work completely otherwise because it was trying to create af_inet6 socket and failing miserably.
    Even if you won't provide tunnel modules we can temporary use userspace implementations like tbtun.
  • I'd like this very much!
  • I'm considering moving my VPS from Germany to Time4VPS. My home server has IPv4 with double NAT and IPv6 with native public address. This is the way mobile networks work in Finland. I strongly prefer having IPv6 in VPS to have connectivity both directions.

    I see this lack of public IPv4 in mobile networks as IPv4 starting to slowly die away just like it should.
  • Hi there, here are my two cents:

    Please setup IPv6 and furthermore decommission IPv4. Still people ask how can an IP address contain colons. I wait for a future when people ask, how an IP address could have contained just dots^^

  • My vote for IPv6.
  • IPv6 is almost a must have for VPS provider. Also count my vote for it.
  • Yes please, IPv6!
  • Vote for IPv6
  • Modern web applications and networks require IPv6, vote++!
  • Totally agree!
  • IPv6 is a must have for Networking in 2017.

    I vote for IPv6!
  • Currently we support IPv6 tunneling in our KVM servers!
  • yeah but technically so does everyone else
  • you have my vote for IPv6 as well
  • Sign me up, too, Scotty!
  • me too. Sign
  • RomanRoman Member

    IPv6 support was added in all our services. Enjoy!
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